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R&D Staff

GIWSR boasts a group of scholars and experts specialized in soil improvement and environment projects. We have also successfully invited some nationally famous soil amelioration experts to work as technical instructors. They provide strong support to our research and the cooperation with other institutes.

From now on, we will recruite more professional and internationalized talents and step up support to the study on acid and saline-alkaline soil amelioration to facilitate the development of GIWSR.

GIWSR Core Staff

Zhou Yifeng, Ph.D

Zhou Yifeng is the Chairman of Hongda Xingye Group, Hongda Xingye Co., Ltd, and Guangdong Plastics Exchange. He also serves as a delegate to the 12th National People’s Congress, a delegate to the 14th Guangzhou People’s Congress, the Chairman of Chaoshan Chamer of Commerce Guangdong, the president and director-general of GIWSR and the president of Guangdong Association of EMBA Alumni, Tsinghua University.

Zhou Yifeng has long been engaged in the operation and management of chemical, E-commerce and environmental protection business. As the chairman of Hongda Xingye Co., Ltd, he passionately explores new development opportunities related to the traditional chemical industry, and successfully turns Hongda Xingye Co., Ltd, a formerly traditional chemical company focused on the chlor-alkali industry, into a leading force in the industry of environmental protection, new materials and electronic trading.

Wan HongfuWan Hongfu, Researcher & Ph.D. advisor

Wan Hongfu is the vice chairman of Guangdong Committee of the Jiu San (Sept. 3) Society and a member of the 10th Standing Committee for Guangdong People’s Congress. He also serves as the director-general of Guangdong Society of Soil Science, the vice director of Guangdong Society of Environmental Sciences, the vice director of Ecological Society of Guangdong Province, a standing director of Soil Science Society of China, a standing director of Guangdong Institute of Sustainable Development, a visiting professor of Graduate University of Chinese Academy Sciences, a guest professor in the School of Environment, South China University of Technology, a guest professor in the Center for Earth Environment & Resources, Sun Yat-sen University, a Ph.D. advisor in South China Institute of Plants, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

He is mainly engaged in the planning and appraisal of soil environment sciences and regional resources & ecological environment, with research interest lying in soil pollution investigation and improvement. Researcher Wan has completed soil pollution investigation in eastern and western Guangdong as well as in the Pear River Delta. Currently, he is leading 11 research projects, including a 973 sub-project and some projects from the Ministry of Land and Resources PRC and the Ministry of Environmental Protection PRC.