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  soils examinaation

GIWSR boasts a professional and modernized experiment center filled with many a device and equipment of large and medium sizes to conduct study on soil improvement and treatment, including
inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometries (ICP-MS), atomic absorption spectrometers (AAS), atomic fluorescence spectrometers, gas chromatography-mass spectrometry systems, ion chromatography systems, Kjeldahl nitrogen determination systems, and high-speed centrifuges and so on.

As a organization engaged in soil research, GIWSR offers free soil sample testing services to individuals and legal social organizations. Our advanced equipments and one-to-one service mode will ensure precise test results and in-depth analysis to truly benefit our visitors.

We remain steadfast in our belief that sophisticated equipments and professional analysis contribute to precise test results. 


Advanced Equipment    Precise Examination    In-depth Analysis